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For over 30 years we’ve been offering professional coaching, consulting and targeted training for the development of companies and their decision-makers. We accompany executives on their way to being outstanding leaders. We are conducive partners for companies and organizations of all sizes, that are striving for an excellent corporate culture. As a certified, high-quality training institute, we also train trainers and coaches.

Your international partners

If locating solutions is key, locating the right partners is the door. As an international operator we are able to provide you with a wide network of well qualified trainers and coaches in many parts of Europe. All of which are well experienced and certified in the FUTURE method. Our customers tell us that they do not only appreciate the diversity of this network (in terms of personality, culture and fields of expertise), but that they are enriched by it. This rich diversity in combination with the FUTURE Method ensures a powerful synergy of competencies in our offers.  How can we be helpful for you?


The Locations of the Coach Trainers and Mentor Coaches

Mentor Coaches

Why development is crucial and yet so natural

Every one of us and every company has a natural tendency to grow and to bring the inherent potential to bear. There are only two reasons why our growth is hindered. Either an obstacle blocks us or there is a lack of resonance for our potential.

In order to overcome these obstacles you (as a human being or a company) often need someone from the outside. Someone who helps to recognize, accept and master the situation or to recognize the potential that has not yet been lived. That is the basic task of a FUTURE coach, trainer and consultant.

Our FUTURE certified network partners offer coaching, consulting and in-house trainings while the FUTURE Academy organises open seminars. Both options promote and accompany your personal and company development.

Why cultivating a corporate culture is essential

Every company has a unique corporate culture significantly influenced by its history. At the same time it is the corporate culture which companies develop today that will influence their future and the goals they are able to reach.

As many studies show, it is the corporate culture that supports the well-being of employees and stake holders. It also helps to achieve company goals and long-term visions. Well-being of employees and stake holders as well as the achievement of company goals and long-term visions are enabled or hindered by it. FUTURE is the perfect partner to support you in strengthening, shaping and further developing your company culture in a conducive way.

After more than 30 years in business, we can say that a conducive corporate culture:

  • enables trust and loyalty for employees, customers and suppliers
  • encourages a work environment in which employees are asked to and want to do their best
  • raises the level of health, motivation and resilience all round
  • creates a sustainable and recognizable identity as it is experienced by all stakeholders in many small encounters and actions
  • facilitates smooth change and transformation when it is needed within a company

And if that is what you envision, let us know. The first step begins with a detailed analysis or your initial situation with our FUTURE consultants

Change the world.

Start with yourself.

Our offer


Find your Certified Coaches for:

  • Business - Become naturally confident, improve overall performance, shape mutually beneficial relationships and find more balance in your life.
  • Life - Handle demanding challenges and conflicts with curiosity, joy and see them as sustainable learning experiences. Become a master in personal growth.
  • Teamcoaching - A customized support for you and your team in a wide variety of situations, topics and issues. See the team as a whole acknowledging the individuals.
  • Development concepts tailor made for your personnel, organizational and corporate culture - which are not only target-focused but person-orientated
  • Specific coaching, training and support for your executives and decision-makers in the field of leadership, coaching and sales
  • Coaching, training and sound advice in challenging situations for each and every one of your employees
  • Back up, facilitation and moderation for stakeholders and partners
  • Coaching competencies for Leaders (German, English, French, Italian)
  • Professional Coach Training (ICF – ACTP certified in German, Italian)
  • Core Coach Training (German, Italian)
  • Core Coach Training advanced (German, Italian)
  • Team Coaching (German, Italian)
  • Contemplation for inner clarity and wisdom (German, Italian, English)

Our goal is for you to reach yours

Our mission is to bring out the best in you and in your company. We achieve this by:

  • the promotion of development - focussing on the strengths to find the best possible and authentic path to growth, that is inherent in every person and in every organization
  • being person centered, focusing on strengths and potential to unfold
  • consistently being solution orientated, seeing problems naturally as indicators for a next evolutionary step
  • enabling synergy by powerful cooperation
  • aiming at profound solutions and taking an holistic approach, which brings ease to the work

Let's talk about the Future

Our method

  • Every process involves people. Developing people can only, therefore improve processes.
  • We see being human in its entirety. This approach enables us to find and realize untapped potential.
  • Understanding people results in a unique understanding of business and organization.
  • We focus on strengths without ignoring weaknesses as a proven method to elicit sustainable performance.
  • We know that if people feel recognized and heard, they are willing to contribute and cooperate to a much greater extent.
  • The advantage of a future-focused enterprise is its culture, which arises from the shared focus of all parts working towards a common goal.


We don't promise immediate success. We help you reach it.

When working with FUTURE your and your company's success will immediatly be noticable:

  • You develop the competence to strengthen and promote yourself
  • You face challenges with a new perspective and deal with them in joyful yet sound way
  • You experience yourself more authentically and lead a more meaningful life
  • You develop relationships that are more enrichening, cooperative and conducive - in private as well as professional life
  • You recognize the opportunities in every situation and know how to use them
  • You expand your impact and influence on your life, your company and the greater whole.  

These are all important aspects of self-management, which we see as the basis for excellent leadership. What strengthens yourself also strengthens your family, your employees and subsequently, your company.

Be at your best.

Be fully you.


The FUTURE method was founded more than 30 years ago in Austria by Helga and Wolfgang Stabentheiner and has been successfully applied in international markets ever since. The FUTURE-Method is a unique way to transform potentials into concrete abilities. It helps people and organizations reach their highest effectiveness and fully develop their individual strengths. The positive effects extend far beyond professional roles and can be felt in all areas of life.

The FUTURE method is constantly being fine-tuned and further developed, based on the needs of our customers and the day-to-day experiences of our coaches, trainers and consultants. Furthermore we engage in close dialog with other experts from organizational development, coaching, psychology, medicine, the sports, innovation management and others, to gain and share knowledge, put our views up for discussion and broaden our horizons.

More certifications than any other coaching-network in Europe

When we talk about quality, we mean it. FUTURE has more certified coachs than any other European coach network. As bearer of the Ö-Cert quality certification and the quality seal for adult and further education institutions (EBQ) we are a trusted industry leader that guarantees an unmatched level of expertise and value.

  • Our certified FUTURE network partners (consultants, trainers and coaches) are committed to ongoing training and have to undergo an ambitious FUTURE recertification process every two years.

  • Numerous FUTURE trainers are certified by the ICF (International Coach Federation). In fact, 9 Master Certified Coaches and 9 Professional CertifiedCoaches work for us. More than in any other European trainer / coach network.

  • The FUTURE coaching training 4.0 is an accredited training program (ACTP) of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

  • Our training institute is entitled to offer training for Lebens- and Sozialberatung according to § 119
    (certified training number ZA-LSB 147.0/2008).

  • Graduates from the FUTURE mediation training are entitled to register in the list of mediators and for the membership in the Austrian Federal Association of Mediation.

  • Graduates of the FUTURE Coaching Academy also receive the FUTURE quality seal for coaches.


We'd love the opportunity to talk personally.
Marisa Jesacher, client consultant:

Grow and achieve better business results and relationships

Over the last five years I have collaborated several times with Massimiliano Cardani and the team of coaches and trainers of Youvolution, all of whom adopt the Future approach. Working with Massimiliano and his team has been a great pleasure for me and my colleagues. The training and coaching activities have allowed WebScience managers to grow and to achieve better business results and better relationships between colleagues at the same time.
Based on my own experience I highly recommend Massimiliano and the his team to any organization who wants to develop its managers and create a group of positive and valuable leaders.

Stefano Mainetti - Chairman WEBSCIENCE S.R.L.
One of the best coach training companies in Europe

As a colleague in the industry, I hold FUTURE as one of the best coach training companies in Europe. As a participant, coach trainer and organiser of coaching conferences, I have been impressed by their concepts for developing participants and clients since 2005. You will be touched in your brain, heart and gut by their transformative work!

Håkan Schyllert, MCC, Founder of Leapfrog AB, Sweden -
With the highest human quality

I have been facing with future’s method, in different modalities, during the past 5 years. I have attended to professional coaching, team coaching, core coaching and trainer training, fully embracing the future approach to the individual and taking advantage of a transformational training on the dimension of being a coach and a trainer. I really believe to the power of this method and to its capability to bring benefit to people. For this reason, as training manager, I’ve brought it within my company, in different internal training paths. I’ve contributed to create several managerial development programs, delivered by Youvolution Srl SB and its team of Future trainers and coaches. We’ve focused on topics such as authenticity, emotional intelligence, motivation, trust, feedback and team management, receiving excellent feedbacks from approx. 350 attendees, who are now practicing the "welcome" language. Smart working gave me the opportunity to develop dedicated online training courses for all company’s employees, making people reflect on growth mindset, problem solving and accountability. Besides I’ve been proposing coaching sessions to middle management using the Future approach, as a coach and core coach. Future, is an ethical method with the highest human quality, perfectly in line with ICF standards, which guarantees effective management support, either for the person and the professional.

Valeria Lucchi - Training Manager Italiaonline S.p.A.
Professional, warm and always generous coaches

Over my career I have worked with a variety of coaches, both at work and privately, and Future is the one that stands out. The team is professional, warm and always generous. In each session they find creative ways to look at your theme until it clicks into place for you. Because i always get results, their services represent excellent value and i cannot imagine ever working with anyone else. What more can you ask for?

Giulia Modolo - Studio Modolo (London)
The crucial power of questioning

The professional benefit I gained from the FUTURE coaching training was that my skills in providing support for SOS parents and other youth/child care practitioners greatly improved. This showed in the level of commitment the care practitioners have towards providing quality care for the children and also being able to create a work-life balance.

The personal benefit is that I am now certified, by the best coaches in the world, as a coach, which is a rare opportunity. I can do coaching sessions for young people and help in supporting them to find their path to success in life. The training taught me so much, I built confidence and the openness to learn from the various mistakes I made.

My FUTURE coach showed me professionalism in the sessions. I liked that about him. He was able to create a reflective atmosphere where I was able to see myself as a coach and develop the crucial power of questioning.

Modupeoluwa Gabriel - SOS Children’s Villages (Nigeria)
Highly recommended to organizations and leaders

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the FUTURE trainer and coach Anita Hußl-Arnold and the FUTURE team for the past 8 years on various trainings from facilitation, to leadership and coaching and empowerment and spent many hours together with her and her trainer team. The training sessions provided were interactive and held in such a way that whatever was learned could be practiced. Always with a smile, a kind word and warm gestures, Anita draws the trainees into the sessions, making time for self-reflection, and gets them involved in molding their own futures. I can highly recommend Anita and the Future team to any organization who is focused on developing their leaders.

Hugh Van Es - Managing Director - Swarovski Gemstones (Thailand) Ltd.
A huge step up

One of the three best things about living in Austria, at the time, was attending the seminars and my later involvement with FUTURE. As a personal development and intercultural coach and trainer, the techniques and approach I learned gave me a huge step up and affirmed my own inclinations of seeing the good and working with potential. I have no problem in highly recommending them.

The FUTURE trainer and coach Anita Hußl-Arnold's been my go-to coach for many years and I feel so supported by that. I think I most admire her willingness to engage with difference and her open heartedness to the new. Actually, I think she's probably the best coach ever!

Siobhán Mullins - Personal and Professional Coach and Trainer for Communication and Diversity
A master in inspiring and guiding teams

Driving leading yourself and your teams with a mighty heart forward the FUTURE trainer and coach Susanne Plaschka (and her team) is a master in inspiring and guiding teams to a better understanding what is needed for meaningful life.

The holistic approach including the very individuell self-reflecting supported coaching to come closer to everyones' needs is very empowering and leads the participants to great results.

Thank you so much for your engagement towards our colleagues!

Angela Gallenz (HR Managerin) - H & M

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